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Rugs.. Best UK online prices

When buying your next new rugs from an online UK retailer in 2020 you want to be sure you are getting the best value for money. At rugzone.co.uk there's a big collection of ranges in modern rugs, traditional rugs and wool rugs in sizes from extra small to extra large. Each listing offers guaranteed lowest prices, multiple images and accurate descriptions to make your selection easier. The "Rug Zone" blog has a large library of articles giving you the very best hints, tips and advice. All in all, at rugzone.co.uk you get the best buy" online rug prices and service in the UK.

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  • Noble House in Grey and Black
  • Super Carved in Teal

New Innovations at Rug Zone

As a specialist online rug shop, we are highly experienced in selecting and offering broad selection of ultra-modern and classical traditional patterns that offer extremely good value for money. Many of our new ranges consist of extra-large sizes that are not usually available in High Street shops. Our bespoke rugs are coloured and sized by you and designed by us, therefore exclusive only to Rug Zone via our sister site iwantarug.com.

What's happening to your rooms in 2020?

On the interior design front, what used to be Shabby Chic has metamorphosed into the Boho or Bohemian look. To reflect this trend in 2020 new design concepts such as Persian distressed look and Beni Ourain style rugs are starting to dominate our webpages. In colours greys and beiges are still ever popular, at the same time Maroccan influence colours of yellows and blues are raising eyebrows. Multicolours are still popular but in newer ranges are using more earthy tones becoming more muted. Shaggy piles are mutating into shorter plusher textures and traditional designs are evolving into tribal concepts.

Carved Elements Rugs

Inventive Carved Design

Take the confusion out of buying your next rug

Buying a new rug can be confusing as there are so many options when it comes to size, shape, design and quality. But, rugs are just one part of our home décor, there are a myriad of wallpapers, paints, curtains and cushions combined with a world full of media and online advice from the experts telling us exactly what to do with them. Our living rooms and bedrooms can capture influences from many different cultures, blend them in a mish-mash of design and colour in what interior designers are now calling the Bohemian look, or Boho for short. Another alternative is to opt for the minimalist approach and stick with the popular greys and beiges. Or you can just throw all of the aforementioned out of the window and just do your own thing.

Let's face it, most of us don't live in a designer apartment or a quaint thatched cottage. According to UK online statistics, an average property has a living space of 85 square metres in 5.2 rooms, occupied by 2.4 people. Around 18% of the UK population are kids under 15 years old, 25% of us have a dog and 17% cats. But many average people won't even relate to those statistics, because we are individuals and refused to be pigeon-holed. In much the same way that many of us would like a designer home, but we'd prefer to kick off our shoes, turn on the TV and relax with a cuppa in a more casual environment. Yes, we want our homes to be nice, but they also need to be functional. We may have kids, dogs or cats that also have free roam of the house and when it comes to decorating decisions, these elements have to considered. So, we end up decoration the room, not based on what we'd prefer, but the more destructive factors in our lives. And let's be honest, new rugs are normally last things on the shopping list.

Rug Styles

When we say styles we really mean the basic appearance, while there are many variations in design, colour and texture we have simply broke these down to home accessories into modern designs, traditional patterns , interesting textures such as shaggies and shapes.

Modern and Contemparary rug designs

Modern Rug Innovations

View our range of exiting and innovative hand crafted designs

Handmade Shaggy rugs

Shaggy Rug Concepts

Add more texture as an accessory to your favorite room with a spot to touch hand made shaggy pile rugs

Traditional Heritage Design

Traditional Rugs

Bold Medallions and scrollong florals, perfect for lighting up rooms with the classic furnishing

Round Rugs

Round Rugs

Round rugs can often fill in spaces better than oblongs, available in modern and traditional options

Priced to save you money

Because we buy in bulk so we can command lower prices than in high street shops. Whatever quality you go for, be it a hand knotted Persian carpets or a budget shaggy, multi colours or plain our lower prices are always passed on the customer. Whether you're looking for something really cheap or more expensive at a bargain basement prices, you'll save £££'s with our end of range and discontinued options to shop for, vastly reduced in our Sale and Clearance category.

Easy Ordering

Assuming you know the styling you require to match your furniture, be it a shaggy, modern, wool or traditional style, simply go to Select by Style within the menu bar then make your selection. Or you may prefer to browse by colour or size then choose that option on the menu bar. And dont forget to visit our blog pages there your will find a wealth of advice and Information pages.

When you find the runner to suit your room and furniture simply select the size option you require then click the Add to Basket button. If a product is out of stock you will see a message advising you to call for an update. Or maybe you prefer to order over the phone, we can be contacted on 0191 454 1972 Monday to Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Fast Delivery & Easy Returns

We aim to dispatch your order within two working days, large items for next working day delivery, smaller items use a slower service. We can provide tracking information for your order however at present we are unable to give a delivery window. Once you receive your new order, if you're not happy with your purchase just return it we have more information on how to return items on our deliveries and returns page.

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Looking for inspiration?

Modern Designs

Funky or cosmopolitan there is a modern pattern to suit your room, inspired by colour and texture for fabulous look.

Classic Designs

Traditional patterns are timeless and elegant and when produced in up to the minute colours can really transform a room.

Beautiful and Bright

Words of wisdom from the Rug Zone blog: Quick makeovers using colour - bright rugs and carpet runners can transform any home

Do you sometimes sit in your living room, study or bedroom and wish you could wave a magic wand and make it a bit more zingy and bright? Well, looking through the huge range of large rugs and carpet runners in our sale category, at rugzone.co.uk isn't quite like waving a wand, but is pretty near to it. Using multi-coloureds to brighten up a room is quick, easy and inexpensive and within a couple of days you could be enjoying your new look home.

People do sometimes worry about using bright colours in their decor but as long as you follow a few rules it is hard to go wrong. If your decor is quite busy with a lot of patterns, it is best to go for one block of colour if possible. A contemporary rug with perhaps one or two bold motifs might be okay as well, but it is a good plan to make sure that you match the style - in other words, if you've floral designs, stick to a modern design with a floral motif. This way, the added rug looks planned.

You could possibly have a predominant colour or shade, you have a choice when it comes to buying from Rug Zone's rug sale. You can choose to match or tone with your main colour, or maybe devise a clever clash which will give it some extra wow factor. Colours which blend particularly well let's suppose you can't manage a perfect match try blues with greens, both with each other and themselves. Reds, oranges and the hotter colours are more difficult and unless you can get a perfect match you should avoid using large sizes in these colours or you may have guests flinching instead of feeling at home - two clashing reds can make a room feel quite edgy according to colour therapists.

Providing you have room for it, large sizes in bright colours have the most impact as they really can pull the decor together. Have you tended to furnish in bits and pieces as most people do? The finishing touch of a large, bright rug can make all the difference. There are some classic combinations which will stand the test of time. For example, many of us have mainly wood tones in your room, a green rug in a teal spectrum will look great, as would terracotta scattered around. Mixing and matching is what using colour is all about.

Why choose us ?

1,000's of rugs at guaranteed lowest prices to suit every room in your home

Available in a huge range of modern and traditional designs, runners and shapes too

Fast delivery from our stocks in South Shields or direct from our suppliers warehouse

Classic Rug Designs in a Traditional Atmosphere

Your elegant gothic mansion or cosy countryside farm house calls for a certain style of rug; a classic design that will fit in with the traditional style and atmosphere of the living space you call home. Traditional rugs and carpet runners come in a variety of patterns and styles, from oriental or Kazak large styles in traditional English manor style runners and woollen rugs. Whichever rug or carpet runner you choose for your home, make sure that it is in keeping with the rest of your surroundings. Purchasing an extra-large rug for a small farmhouse sitting room will only make the room look smaller.

Persian carpets are some of the most beautiful in the world. Usually woven entirely by hand, hand-knotted they can take months to weave, resulting in a luxurious, one of a kind rug for your room. Vegetable dyes are used to create the stunning, vibrant colours, which are then washed away in spring water and then left to dry under the sun. Persian carpets and carpet runners are said to be the most valuable in the world and can be handed down as heirlooms amongst families, giving many years of service and retaining their good looks. It's possible to purchase as old or antique, but why not invest in a high quality, new Persian rug for your traditional sitting room? Whilst these may set you back hundreds of pounds, you are paying for the painstaking work and dedication involved in crafting a rug which will become a piece of your family's history.

Hand knotted carpets from Pakistan, known as Bokhara rugs, are another great traditional option for your home. Cheaper than their Persian cousins but no less stunning, Bokhara patterns are made from 100% wool which is dyed by hand. They come in a variety of classic designs, usually featuring a traditional repeating pattern.

Whilst Oriental carpets are extremely beautiful and valuable, they are not to everyone's tastes, and it is possible to find a variety of classic rug designs in floral patterns online. Wool rugs and carpet runners are possibly the best options for warmth and look great in period homes, although most will require cleaning by a professional rug cleaner rather than a quick spin in a washing machine.

Classic rug designs tend to have more muted colours than bright, contemporary designs, but this is in keeping with most traditional homes. With so many beautiful concepts being made in Asia and India, it is easy to find a classic design that will add beauty and style to any traditional house.


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